Born in Barcelona. A student of Gabriel Brncic, with whom he studied counterpoint, harmony, instrumentation, and composition and followed these techniques also with courses in electroacoustic music at the Laboratory of Electroacoustic Music Phonos.
He studied guitar under the instruction of guitarist Miguel Angel Cherubito, among others.
He has assisted in teaching courses and seminars with Luigi Nono, Francisco Kroepfl, Gerardo Gandini, Helmut Lachenmann, Walter Zimmermann, Oliver Knussen. He directed the instrumental group Vol ad libitum which has provided numerous first auditions and performances by musicians from all over the world. With this group he has recorded five discs of Catalan composers. He has been an accompanying guitarist with the mezzo-soprano Anna Ricci for all of her releases until shortly before the death of the singer. In addition, he worked with her on numerous records and projects including ̈Brossiana ̈, a musical in which Rossinyol was able to work on various occasions with the poet Joan Brossa. He was a member of the board of the Catalan Association of Composers, pattern Phonos Foundation and a founding member of the Association of Electroacoustic Music of Spain. He received the award for music for radio (R-2/CDMC), a grant by the Conservatory of Cuenca, as well as a scholarship for two years at la Fundació Phonos-Institut Universitari d’Audiovisuals (Universitat Pompeu Fabra). Throughout his work as a composer, he has created and interpreted such pieces as ̈Nit ̈ (SalaBeckett), ̈La Llet de paradís ̈ (Teatre Malic), ̈Del llibre dels canvis ̈ (Teatre Malic), and ̈Lorca-New York ̈ (CCCB), working with professionals in both theatre and dance. Also, with the texts of Albert Mestres, Rossinyol has also written works for chamber music, dramatic performance and two operas. He has been comissioned by diverse institutions and for serveral performers. He has written music
for several shows by the company Théatre Vardar-Tangente (Lachaussée, França) and has directed,̈Jocs de Mans ̈, for the symphony band of Barcelona as well as chamber operas.
Combining composition with teaching has enabled him to compose many great works and
arrangements in the diverse field of education.

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