Jordi Rossinyol
Disciple of Gabriel Brncic. Courses and seminars with Luigi Nono, Lluís Callejo i Creus, Francisco Kroepfl, Gerardo Gandini, Andrés Lewin-Richter, Helmut Lachenmann, Walter Zimmermann, among others. Electroacoustic techniques in Phonos. In 1986 he attended courses in Darmstadt: lectures by Morton Feldman, Kaija Saariaho, Brian Ferneyhought, where he also receives advice from Emmanuel Nunes, Irvine Arditti, Magnus Andersson. His work has been influenced by de continuous contacts and projects carried out with Joan Guinjoan, Josep Mª Mestres-Quadreny and David Padrós. He was part of the Conjunt Instrumental Phonos, and since 1986 has been the guitarist of mezzo-soprano Anna Ricci, also conducting the premiere of several chamber operas. He promoted the creation of the instrumental group Vol ad Libitum, whitch he directed for almost twenty years. Performers and composers suchs as Jep Nuix, Gabriel Brncic and David Padrós worked in this group. Previously he worked as a duo with the composer Oriol Graus. For years he has developed several projects with professionals from other artistic fields, most notably the poet Joan Brossa.



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