Incert desig

work for two flutes, oboe, clarinet, cello and contrabass (1985)

premiere: Grec 85 (Pati de l’Antiga Capella de la Santa Creu, Barcelona)

Ensemble Vol ad Libitum

sound system: Artur Alvarez (Croma 440) / recording: Andrés Lewin-Richter

in live 1985:

Musical rehearsal in the studio of Jep Nuix

From left to right: Oriol Rossinyol (cb), Josep Mª Almacellas (vc), Jordi Rossinyol (conductor), Jep Nuix (fl), Alejandro Sánchez(cl), Ronald Lloyd(ob), Xavier Esteve (fl)

From left to right: Xavier Esteve (fl), Jep Nuix (fl), Ronald Lloyd (ob), Alejandro Sánchez(cl), Josep Mª Almacellas (vc), Jordi Rossinyol (conductor), Oriol Rossinyol (cb)

concert Festival Grec de Barcelona (1985)

Ronald Lloyd

He was born in London in 1929 and spent his childhood between India, Canada and England. He studied oboe and English horn at The Guildhall School of Music & Drama, being at his 26 years soloist of both instruments in the Hallé Orchestra of Manchester, under the baton of Sir John Barbirolli. He was a pioneer in the West composing serial and minimalist music, as well as inaugurating in 1965 one of the first private recording studios in his native London, where he composed experimental works for the The Place, London ballet group. From that time he began to investigate music 1n arithmetic proportions, modal scales and enharmony,traveling through many countries of the East and residing in Greece, where I would study with an octogenarian Carl Orff. and in cities like Istanbul, Haifa and Bagdag where he would start building santures inspired by the Persian tetracordios. In the mid 1970s he would return to Europe and in 1980 he would settle in Sitges, on the Mediterranean coast near Barcelona, where he founded in 1983 the « Camerata of Sitges ». From that year he would meet the musician Guillermo Cazenave, who would have just founded his own label Astral Records. Between 1984 and 1992 he was part of the group Vol ad Libitum, performing: « Incert desig », « Situacions imprevisibles » or « Sextet », by Rossinyol.